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Valdosta man stuck in Atlanta's weather

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 A Valdosta man is glad to be back home after spending much of yesterday stuck in that Atlanta traffic jam.

Ahid Heussain wasn't expecting the snow to arrive in Atlanta until Tuesday night. "I look at Valdosta weather, everybody told me 'night time, the snow'. I think 'Valdosta, Atlanta, not too far, so maybe the same time'".

 He figured he wouldn't have to worry about it when he went to his doctor's appointment in Atlanta at one o' clock Tuesday. But he was wrong.

Heussain says it took him nearly six hours to drive the five miles from Emory University Hospital where he had his doctor's appointment to Interstate 75.

He says people were sleeping in their cars. Everybody was sleeping, maybe six hours. But even after he made it onto the interstate, his troubles weren't over.

"I go downhill. I call police, 911.  My car actually went off the road..."

 And he has the damage to prove it. Cracks to his front fender and a dent that runs almost the entire length of the driver's side of the car.

More than two hours after getting stuck, he was back on the road again. "I call tow truck, police call tow truck. Maybe two and a half hours tow truck coming."

Ahid Heussain is just glad to be back in Valdosta where the roads are clear.

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