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Good snow, bad ice

12-year-old Kristen Farr 12-year-old Kristen Farr
John Hodge John Hodge

 The first snowfall in Albany in nearly four years was a rare and pretty sight for those who were awake to see it. But by day break it was causing some minor inconveniences for those trying to get to work. Meanwhile some kids enjoyed a day off from school with a little bit of snow to see.

It came while most of you were sleeping, and it didn't stick around for long. But Albany's first snowfall since 2010 accumulated just enough to get a glimpse of something we don't see too often.

It was fun for 12-year-old Kristen Farr, who was "Trying to build a snowman. It's not going very good…"

A day off from school and just enough snow to build at least part of a part of snowman. For those just trying to get into their cars.

The doors on many a vehicle frozen shut. John Hodge couldn't get his key in the hole to unlock his SUV. Even those that were not locked wouldn't open. And then there was the ice.

"It's thick, too. I really wasn't expecting this," he said. And some weren't expecting the roads to be slick. This is what looked like on Dawson Road after a car hit a patch of ice took out a light pole and struck water mane send water shooting into the air.

Some minor inconveniences for some. For others, a lasting memory of weather event that thankfully doesn't happen all too often.


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