Another Bypass wreck may be ice-related

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Traffic was impeded on the north-bound lanes of the Liberty Bypass because of a wreck. It is near the Jefferson Street Exit, headed toward the mall.

Traffic was flowing again about 11:20AM. Still, drivers should avoid this area, and stay off the roads unless travel is necessary.  The Bypass has seen several wrecks Wednesday.

Both the Georgia State Patrol and the Albany Police Department are asking everyone to stay off the roads unless they absolutely must drive. The GSP says the bridges are not safe to cross at normal speed. They say drivers need to slow down to 25 MPH.

Law enforcement is watching for people driving too fast across the bridges.

The roads, especially bridges, have ice on them in spots, and that makes traction disappear, and vehicles can't stop, or in some cases, even turn.

Today's high temp will barely reach high enough to melt ice, so the problem will persist.

The Georgia Department of Transportation reports that crews in southwest Georgia responded to 30 incidents of ice on bridges and seven reports of ice on the roadway between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Bridges and roadways that required treatment with a salt/rock mixture follow by county:

Baker County

  • SR 37 at Chickasawhatchee Creek
  • SR 216 at Ichawaynochaway Creek
  • SR 200 at Ichawaynochaway Creek
  • SR 91 at Ichawaynochaway Creek
  • SR 91 at Big Cypress Creek

Berrien County

  • SR 11 at the Alapaha River
  • SR 520 at Hardy Creek
  • SR 125 at New River

Coffee County

  • SR 31 at Seventeen Mile Creek
  • SR 32 at the CSX rail line
  • SR 31 at mile post 21.5 (ice on road)
  • SR 206 at the CSX rail line
  • SR 31 at the Ocmulgee River (mile post 28.6)
  • SR 31 at the Ocmulgee River (mile post 28.9)
  • SR 107 at Culley Creek
  • SR 107 at Paul Creek
  • SR 107 at Rocky Creek

Colquitt County

  • SR 33 at the Georgia & Florida rail line
  • SR 270 at Little Ochlocknee Creek
  • SR 33 at Okapilco Creek
  • SR 35 the Tift County line (ice on road)

Crisp County

  • SR 7 mile posts 0-2 (ice on road)
  • SR 90 at Brock Road (ice on road)

Irwin County

  • SR 32 at the Alapaha River
  • SR 32 at Big Creek
  • SR 32 at Satilla Creek
  • SR 32 at Hunter's Creek
  • SR 11 at Stump Creek

Mitchell County

  • SR 37 at Big Slough Creek

Thomas County

  • SR 3 at mile post 17 (ice on road)

Tift County

  • SR 401 at the southbound exit ramp #60
  • SR 401 at the northbound exit ramp #62
  • SR 401 at Oak Ridge Church Road
  • SR 401 at mile post 64 (ice on road)

Turner County

  • SR 401 at overpass (mile posts 72-85)
  • SR 401 at overpass (mile post 89)
  • SR 401 at all northbound and southbound ramps, mile posts 89.5-92 (ice on road)

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