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Lee County sanding bridges to prevent ice buildup


Lee County Public works employees started sanding bridges late Tuesday afternoon, just as ice was being reported in counties to their North and west.

The Lee County sand truck continued rolling through the evening, spreading sand onto bridges like this one on Century Road. Bridges will ice over first, because of the air flow below and above it. With heavy rain falling and ice reported in Terrell and Sumter Counties, Lee County started spreading early before the ice formed on their roads.

Lee County Public Works Director Mike Sistrunk said "We're catching some of the little small bridges that we have on some of the dirt roads. We got caution light out, trying to let people be aware they are coming up on a bridge. Right now we are covering most of the northern, western part of the county. Until the temperature really drops more."

Lee County planned to return and go back over their major road bridges with second coats of sand, to try to prevent ice buildups and keep the roads safe.

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