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Thomas County bridges sanded for first time in years


Schools systems across South Georgia are closed and public works, utility, and emergency crews are on standby to deal with problems caused by the winter storm.

One by one schools in Thomas County decided that the expected wintry conditions are enough to cancel classes for Wednesday.

"That is essentially being based on what the predictions are as far as our road conditions and our bridges," said Thomas County Fire Chief Chris Jones. In preparation for freezing conditions public works officials are out covering at least thirty bridges with sand.

Public works officials say it's important to sand down the bridges first because due to the  moisture underneath them they are usually the first things to freeze over. Employee Tony Bodiford says it's the first time they've sanded down the bridges in years,"I think it was '87 or '88, we had some snow here and we went around and put sand on bridges back then, that's twenty plus years ago".

One Thomas County resident that lives near one of the bridges being sanded says he travels the road a lot,"I come down this road twice a day if not more often, "but he say's he won't chance traveling during risky conditions,"not if we're going to have rain and ice I'm not going to go out, I'll stay home where it's warm," said Ed Wolfe.

Sheltering in place is a major part of what the county is asking of residents with and without utilities. "One of our big uncertainties is whether we will have any power outages and if so how many power outages, and for how long," said Jones.

Thomas County is only expected to see a light to moderate impact, but the county wants all to air on the side of caution in preparation for winter storm warnings.

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