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Weather Storm Survival 101

Cliff Townsend, Club Manager Cliff Townsend, Club Manager
Adrian Marshall, Asset Protection Manager Adrian Marshall, Asset Protection Manager

Generators are at the top of many customers' shopping list at Sam's Club. This Honda Black Max generator is the only one in stock costing more than $900. The store sold several generators last week.  

"Any time you have any kind of inclement weather whether it be a flood, snow or extreme heat or cold then you definitely see a spike in sales," said Cliff Townsend.    

This generator only uses regular unleaded gas.  

"So you start up just like you'd start your car with a key. You don't have to go back and crank it up," said Adrian Marshall.    

It generates 7000 watts of power into your home.  

"Some of the features of it is powered by Honda, it's 7000 watts and it has both 120 AC and 240 AC outlets," said Marshall.    

If you are without power at your home, and you only use half of these outlets this generator will generate power for at least ten hours.  

"So here you see the four outlets for 120 volt appliances, you can plug in your lamp or small appliances, housewives can still vacuum," said Marshall.    

This generator should not be used indoors or inside a garage. It releases carbon monoxide which could be deadly. But a generator isn't the only item you need in your home if the power goes out. Heaters, spotlights, a multi function tool kit and gloves are important, and a jump starter for your car.  

"If you do have problems with your car obviously a lot of people are going to have issues with cars in the cold and you will not be stranded out in the cold and you can jump the battery in your car and get going again," said Townsend.  

Water, propane tanks, antifreeze, and salt to melt the ice should also be kept nearby.    

"We want everybody to be prepared for the inclement weather and help everybody stay safe and warm," said Townsend.  

Remember it isn't too late to go out and get these items which can potentially save lives.

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