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How to prepare for dangerous ice conditions

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Lowe's Customer buys salt Lowe's Customer buys salt
Frozen power lines Frozen power lines
Bags of salt Bags of salt
Lowe's Customer prepares for cold Lowe's Customer prepares for cold

South Georgians rarely experience a wintry mix, let alone a Winter Storm Warning, so to have the necessary supplies; we have to get a bit creative.

"Well we always have plans in place at all times throughout the year for whatever weather conditions we have like I said we are able to use materials we have that aren't necessarily used for that every day, but we always have those supplies on hand," said Lowe's store manager Phillip Blocker.

Icy roads will be a major concern Tuesday night through Wednesday afternoon, and many of you realize how dangerous ice can be.

"It's going to be hard for people getting around because we are not use to this down here in the south and we are use to rain and a little sleet every once in a while, but as far as driving I wouldn't do it,' said Michael Hardy Albany resident.

Freezing rain is the greatest threat to your electricity.  When rain freezes after it gathers on tree branches, it's heavy.  Limbs often fall and take down power lines.  That could leave you with no heat.

"I've come to lows to buy some clay pots because I make some artificial heaters out of them and my wife says, "you'll never use them," well good, but if you needed them and didn't have them that would be a different thing," said Charles Jones, Albany resident.

Waffle House district manager Ned Adkins plans to keep his stores open no matter what, so he's making sure he is prepared for the worst.

"We know it's going to be bad weather and we want to make sure we are prepared, we would like to be preeminent rather than reactive. We want to be open we want to be there for our customers," said Ned Adkins Waffle house district manager.

Even though Waffle House is preparing to stay open, emergency officials urge you to stay off the roads during the peak of the storm.


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