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Beware of ice on roads this week


Few of us are used to driving on roads that are covered with ice or snow. One of the biggest things people need to be prepared for is the ice.

Bridges will ice over first. Dougherty County police advise people to stay home if you can.

"I think it's going to be a snap for people who live here in the Albany area because a lot of people who live in this area have never been in cold weather like that, but in my case I've driven and lived in the cold before. I've lived in Germany twice and New Jersey where the snow is always big," says resident Albert Leon Bob.

Ice can make traveling extremely dangerous, especially on bridges.

"They will ice over first because they are not covered under the bottom so they have a double surface that's exposed that causes them to ice over first so you need to be very cautious if you go over those," says Captain Tom Jackson.

Jackson says if you do hit ice don't slam on your brakes. Let off the gas and try to steer into the direction the vehicle is going so you can regain control.

Dougherty County police say it's important to drive carefully and pay attention. If possible, just avoid traveling if the weather gets nasty.

"So the biggest thing we tell people to do is be extra cautious, don't be out on the roadway if you don't need to be, and watch for, you know these black ice is the worst thing you can run across because a road can be iced over but it blends right into the roadway," says Jackson.

If you do plan to go out, check your vehicle, including the tread and air pressure of your tires.

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