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Airmen polishing combat defense techniques


Moody Air Force Base airmen are getting realistic combat training, to make sure they're ready to deploy to a war zone. It may be a drill, but to the 822nd base defense squadron at Moody air force base, staying prepared for ground combat operations is not a game.

"We have these exercises regularly as each squadron comes due, there are certain tasks that come up throughout their training phases, and we cap it off with a validation exercise," said Technical Sergeant and exercise evaluator JD Walden.

The exercise got underway Friday and continues until this upcoming Friday. In Monday's mission the commander of the squadron walked through the fictional People's Republic of Beemus, with the mayor of the village. Just when the group was leaving City Hall, the peaceful event took a turn.

That's when the insurgents began firing and units took cover in buildings. 

"They were in an open street having to move from one building to another, they threw out the smoke to mask their movement from the sniper that was firing at them from the building above," said Walden.

Monday's mission showcased the squadron's attempt to build a good relationship with the people of the village. "The scenario today was the engagement of a local official to build a rapport and to show us in a good light," said Walden.

Regardless of the approach, the goal remains the same to keep airmen in the squadron polished and ready for combat. "It's muscle memory, once you go through it time and time again, those kids have been out here, they know every inch of the training grounds on Moody," said Walden.

It's that type of repetition that will make all of the difference when they are put to the test in combat.

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