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Heating your home Do's and Don'ts

Mark Holloway, Modern Gas President Mark Holloway, Modern Gas President

As another arctic blast approaches heating your home safely is a priority, but are you using the right appliances?    

Modern Gas is a super store for heating appliances either inside your home or for your backyard. But just because something generates heat doesn't mean it's supposed to heat the inside of your home.  

"This is a construction heater right here and it should not be used inside the house it's designed to be used on construction sites and outdoor shops," said Mark Holloway.  

This heater comes with no safety features and releases carbon monoxide which can be deadly. Space heaters can be used in the home, but you need to check them to make sure they're running properly if you haven't used them in a while.  

"You want to make sure that it's not too close to a bed or furniture that could catch it on fire if you're going to be running it constantly on in," said Holloway.  

These pretty vented gas logs generate efficient heat when their dampers are open.

"Don't try to get more heat out of this style of log by closing the damper because it is not designed to be operated with the damper closed," said Holloway.    

Holloway says these charcoal grills should never be brought inside the home to be used as a heating source.  

"Every year I hear about a death of somebody bringing in a charcoal grill inside to be desperate and using charcoal to heat the house. Charcoal emits carbon monoxide and will kill you so do not use a charcoal grill to keep you warm inside your home," said Holloway.  

Holloway says when using any type of gas appliances it's important to have a functioning carbon monoxide protector in your home.  He also says if the appliances say not to be used in doors, then it's best to follow those instructions for your safety.

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