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Officials seeking help for juvenile arsonist


A 14 year-old boy is charged with setting several fires in Bainbridge. The firefighters first rushed to a fire behind the old Kmart on Shotwell street and as soon as they put it out, the juvenile told them about another fire nearby.

"A juvenile, 14 years old, he had actually notified the police officers of a second fire while they were putting the first one out, he told them about a fire around the corner on Broughton street," said investigator Ryan Deen.

Firefighters found two fires on the street, across from each other, one in a trash can, and another in a box that was on the side of the road.

After putting out the other three fires, officials then came over to this dumpster where they found flames shooting out of it. They then noticed that the juvenile was watching once again from a distance, that is when they decided, that he may be the person that they needed to speak to.

When officials tried to approach him, the Juvenile took off running, but he didn't get far, and cigarette lighters were found in the area, that are believed to be the tools he used to set the fires.

"He was close by watching, he got excited by what was going on, so he continued to set more and he told us in the interview that he was going to set more to see firefighters keep putting them out," said Deen.

Now investigators want to make sure he gets help. "This is something that snowballs rather quickly, bigger and bigger fires, and more and more residential areas, and it can become more of a safety and community risk, said psychologist Shannon Mullen.

While the fires we're fairly small this time, investigators are striving to make sure citizens are safe, and that the juvenile is placed on the right path.

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