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Ocilla community helping family start over after house fire

Beverly Hagin, homeowner Beverly Hagin, homeowner
Lisa Hudson, owner of L's of Ocilla Lisa Hudson, owner of L's of Ocilla

A family in Ocilla is starting over after a house fire claims everything they own.

As soon as word got around town of a fire that ripped through the Hagin's family home, the community decided to have a shower to collect items for the family.

Beverly Hagin is looking at what's left of her home of 46 years. Just a day after Christmas, the house caught fire around 1 a.m. Her daughter woke her up.

"Started hollering we smell smoke, what do we do. We got up and went to the kitchen, push the door and you could just see flames," said Beverly Hagin.

Hagin was told the fire started in the attic. She and her family made it out safe just in time.

"The roof started falling in, the floor started caving in. I just thank the God Lord that I got my husband and my children out alive. My little puppy didn't make it," said Hagin.

Hagin says she's been living in this house since she was two years old. The family got out with only the clothes on their backs. Hagin says people as far as Valdosta are helping anyway they can.

The family returned to the house the day after the fire and through all this rubble they found one thing that makes them believes everything will be okay.

What Hagin will miss the most are pictures, clothes and antiques of her mother who passed in 2007.

"We had put her picture in the newspaper a couple of years ago for her birthday. And we had cut it out. And all the way around the edges it was burned and right in the center was her picture, her picture was not touched. So we believe she's an angel," said Hagin.

Right after the fire, Ocilla residents organized a community wide drop in gift shower to help the family start over.

"The Ocilla United Methodist Church and the Ocilla Baptist Church got together with several different women and decided to do something for this family. Because this is what this community does," said Lisa Hudson, owner of L's Boutique.

The Hagin family is now living in a new place. They say they are thankful for all the support.

The family has picked out items they need from Walmart.com. The drop in gift shower is Sunday from 2 until 3 at Ocilla United Methodist Church. Call 229-468-0760 for more information.

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