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Victim: 'I have a family, you don't want to do this'


Dahshi Marshall believed that his last words to a home invasion suspect, holding a gun to his head, would be pleading for his life.

On Wednesday, Marshall said at exactly 12:13 a.m. three men kicked down his back door and rushed into his home. One was armed with what Marshall believed was a machete, the other two had guns.

"I ran upstairs to protect my fiancé who was asleep," Marshall said.

As he sprinted up the steps of his townhome, he ran for the master bedroom door. Holding the door, he fought to keep the criminals out and his fiancé safe. It was a battle he couldn't win, in a matter of seconds the three men busted through the door and put a gun to Marshall's head.

"'Where is the money,'" Marshall said one man shouted. Then one of the men told Marshall to open his mouth so he could put the barrel of the gun in it.

"I was like 'sir, I can't do that,'" Marshall said. "'I can't open my mouth. I have a family. You don't want to do this, I have a family.'"

As one of the men held a gun on Marshall, the other two ransacked the house. They stole electronics, Marshall's wallet and a flat screen television.

Marshall said multiple times one of the men tried to provoke him. He believes that gunman was looking for any reason to pull the trigger.

"This is really the first time I had a gun drawn on me, pressed against my skull," Marshall said. "It was a near-death situation - and basically if there was ever a time to kill somebody that would have been it, it was a murder scene waiting to happen."

Marshall said he has an alarm but it wasn't armed. He is asking his neighbors to be more vigilant and to do whatever they can to protect themselves. He plans to install reinforced doors to stop criminals from being able to just kick them down and get in.

Marshall said he thinks because he stayed calm and gave into their demands it saved his life.

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