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Fatal fire victim's family speaks on fire prevention


Another warning about the dangers of space heaters after a man died in his home in Donalsonville. Investigators say he was using multiple space heaters to stay warm on a cold morning.

Just a few weeks into 2014, and already more that 15 people have been killed in fires in Georgia. Many of those deaths could have been prevented. "A smoke detector could have very well alerted the occupant, to the fire and gave him time to escape," said fire captain Dean King.

When the fire broke out around 9am on Henderson Avenue in Donalsonville, Rene Jones was not able to get out of the home in time. Officials say the man was found in a room, he was using as a bedroom, surrounded by at least four space heaters.

There have already been multiple deaths in our area this year, including three yesterday in Nashville, Georgia."Since January 1st, we've had around eight fatalities, right here in Southwest Georgia," said King.

Marvin Jones says he often dropped by to check on his brother who lived alone in the home. "We were really close, I mean like two peas in a pod," said Jones.

He says while nothing will bring his brother back, he hopes that others will install smoke detectors and follow safety guidelines for heating homes during cold snaps. "It's tragic for me, but with these cold temperatures, this is what could happen, this time of the year, I advise everyone to use the right things to heat their homes with," said Jones.

Things such as, keeping space heaters away from combustibles, not running them for long amounts of time and installing smoke detectors on every level of the home, could save the lives of many South Georgians.

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