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Schools brace for cold weather

R.D. Harter R.D. Harter
Nolan Spence Nolan Spence

Students better be prepared for another cold morning Friday.  Dougherty County school officials are asking parents to make sure children are bundled up, because school will be open.

These students at Northside Elementary school have no problem getting their exercise indoors.  And they don't have much of a choice.

Coach Nolan Spence says on cold days like this,  P.E. is held inside.  "If it's 40 degrees, 45 or so we probably keep them inside. Above 45, depends on if they have proper attire to go outside.  Most of the time if it's 45 or so it would depend on the wind chill," said Spence.

Dougherty County school officials are also monitoring the weather, but they say there's no magic temperature that would force them to close schools.

"The Dougherty County school system doesn't have an official temperature at which we close schools.  The superintendent makes that decision, based on advice from the emergency management agency and their leadership and it's all predicated by student safety and concerns for student and staff welfare," said R.D. Harter, the DCSS Spokesperson.

A big concern is when students are waiting for the bus in freezing temperatures.  School officials are asking parents to make sure children are bundled up.

"We ask parents to hold the children there until they hear the bus coming or see the bus coming.  We ask that they hold them in the house, keep them inside.  We ask that they layer them in warm clothing, as warm as they have.  And if they don't have enough then to let the principal or let the school people know and they'll try to contact an agency to help their children get some warm clothes," said Harter.

And with more cold weather in the forecast the jackets and sweaters are here to stay.


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