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Emergency officials urge safety during cold snap


Emergency officials really want you to pay attention. If you're using a space heater, make sure it's not near your bed or clothes or anything that could catch fire. 

Make sure the cord isn't knotted up or plugged into an overloaded socket.  And be sure you give that space heater a rest. 

They're not designed to run constantly. Dougherty County's Deputy Emergency Management Director says on a night this cold, hunker down inside if you can.

"If it's not necessary to be out, why take the chance and wind up hitting the black ice, we encourage you to stay warm, stay inside, go ahead and be safe with your appliances so you don't cause a fire," said Jim Vaught, Deputy Director, Dougherty County Emergency Management.

If you use a fireplace, make sure you get your chimney inspected regularly, and never go to sleep unless your fire is completely out. Also, don't use you stove or oven for heating. And when you do go out in the morning, make sure you dress in layers because it is cold out here.

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