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Residents still concerned after murder case arrests


People who live in the east Albany area where a man was murdered one month ago say they still don't feel safe, even after two more arrests in the case.

Four people are now in jail charged with murdering 35-year old Jamey Spurlock, but people who live near the murder scene say they are still shaken by the crime in the normally quiet area.

People who live in Loblolly estates on Mobile Avenue are still worried after Jamey Spurlock was shot and killed on a nearby dirt road after he got a flat tire.

"To be honest, no," said resident Lashaunda Ousley. "I live right there in the back and it's a cut right there where anybody can come through. And I have little ones and that concerns me."

Ousley says investigators questioned her the night Spurlock was killed, and she heard more than she wanted to.

"I heard the gunshots, recalled Ousley. "They were so close to where I ducked in my kitchen. It was that close and it's terrifying."

Alex, another resident who didn't want to be fully identified, said he walks along the dirt road where Spurlock was killed all the time and he's never had any problems.

"I mean, I feel safe. I been walking on this road for 5 years and I never seen anything back here," said Alex.

He says he is familiar with two of the men in custody for Spurlock's murder.

Reporter: "Do you think they would do something like this, kill someone?
Alex: No.
Reporter: "Why's that?"
Alex: "They don't do nothing like that. Just maintain, hang out. That's it really."

Others that live in Loblolly estates say it's normally a quiet area, but they feel the dirt road off Mobile Avenue is a different situation.

"Its really too dark and anything can happen to you. It's not safe in that area," said resident Kenarus Riggins.

Those who live in the area say they will feel a lot safer when all five suspects are off the streets and in jail.

Albany Police have murder warrants for the fifth suspect, 18-year old Demonta Price, and continue to search for him.

If you have any idea where police can find Demonta Price, investigators want you to call CrimeSTOPPERS at 436-TIPS.


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