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Don't forget pets in below freezing temperatures


Veterinarians want to remind everyone that pets may be more vulnerable in this cold snap.

Throwing a sweater on your best friend when they're outside could be a good way to keep them warm. Vets say the added layer acts as a good barrier, though it's not enough to protect animals if you leave them out in the cold.

"If it gets below freezing, I think you should bring them in, and truthfully if the thought does cross your mind and you're looking outside at your pet and it's curled up and not protected by the wind, you should probably bring them in," said Vet Steve Whatley.

He notes that shoes are not necessary for animals. Whatley says the pads on their feet are really just calluses and not sensitive to the cold. He also says many dogs bred for colder climates are well enough insulated for dropping temperatures.

Owners should make sure to check water bowls if pets are outside. Experts say fill them with warm water and break up ice to avoid dehydration.


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