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Heartbroken mom speaks on son's murder

Police are looking for this man Police are looking for this man

Mary Spurlock is getting a little closure knowing the men accused of murdering her son Jamey are in custody.  But there's still unanswered questions she wants answered.

Spurlock and her family are slowing starting to learn what happened the night her son Jamey Spurlock was killed, one month ago.

"The police had already told me that they were looking into another person.  But they have gotten two more, so I am very happy with them," said Mary Spurlock.  

Now five people have been charged in connection to the murder of Spurlock; four of those men are behind bars. 

"I just couldn't believe it," Mrs. Spurlock said "That's five people against two.  It was a shock to me and I wondered if it was gang related."   

35-year-old Spurlock was robbed and shot December 22nd on a dirt road off Mobile Avenue after he got a flat tire.   

Police just recently arrested 22-year old Anthony Jackson and 16-year old Fredrico Kennedy.    

   With a sigh, Mary Spurlock says she plans to see the whole process through to make sure she gets justice for her son. "When they finally go to trial, I'll be in court for that too. It's been hard because it took me until the viewing to really realize that he was gone.  I kept expecting him to call me or walk through the door.  But it's getting a little easier, but I'll never get over it, never."     

She'll also never understand how someone could do this to her youngest son.  And she has one question she wants the suspected killers to answer. "I would ask them why? I mean, what did he get from it?  What did they get out of it?  And I do hope they spend the rest of their lives behind bars."  

Spurlock says as the investigation unfolds, she feels a little closure knowing the men accused of killing her son are in custody.  "A little, as far as knowing that justice will prevail.  But I'm not going to say I'm happy or overjoyed about any of it.  It's just hurtful to me, because I love my son."  

She's now hopeful that the last suspect on the run, 18-year old Demonta Price, will end up behind bars.   Mary Spurlock says they were able to cremate her son and held a memorial service for him about two weeks ago.  She says this was all possible because of donations her family received after we first did a story with her last month.


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