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Stay warm and save money this winter with these tips

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Heating repair crews have been especially busy this winter, repairing and replacing units.

"In Southwest Georgia, we're not used to this cold weather like we had a couple weeks ago and what they're projecting this coming couple of days and it just takes a toll on those units, especially if they haven't kept up the maintenance on them," said Bo Moore with SafeAire.

Moore recommends having your unit serviced regularly to ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck.

"You could have air loss, you could be heating up under the house or in the attic if the duct work is not right and that's money wasted," said Moore. "So you need to have a professional come in and look at it and see what kind of problems you could have."

Experts say customers should expect higher utility bills this winter.

"What generally happens is we get our bill a month after we've used it and we forget what that harsh weather was like, whether it's winter when it's cold and we haven't had a cold winter in several years," said Lorie Farkas with Water Gas & Light.

And the more you move your thermostat, the higher your bill will be.

"Every degree over 68, which is what the federal government recommends that we set them at, our thermostats, every degree over 68 you raise your bill three to five percent," said Farkas. "We think if we just move it one or two degrees it has no impact on our bill, it has a huge impact."

But there are ways to save and stay warm without adjusting your thermostat.

"You just need to be proactive instead of reactive when you get that bill," said Farkas. "So by layering your clothing, by keeping your drapes open during the daytime. Our biggest source of heat is from the sun."

Experts also say it's important to check for leaks in your home and make sure your filters are clean by replacing them every month.


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