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Burglars targeting vacant homes

Thomasville Police Lt. Eric Hampton Thomasville Police Lt. Eric Hampton
Bobby Harris has loved ones who live in the area Bobby Harris has loved ones who live in the area

Burglars are targeting vacant homes in Thomasville. They aren't getting much, but it is a crime that concerns residents and police.            

Police say it's not their first or even second time coming to the 1700 block of Martin Luther King Drive, and now they are looking to folks that live in the area for answers.   Several vacant homes have been burglarized on the street.    

"We've had people actually going in and breaking windows out of the residences, they are really not stealing anything but they do leave the house in a disarray after they've gone through looking for things to steal," said Thomasville Police Lt. Eric Hampton.    

It's exactly the type of behavior that has Bobby Harris worried since he has loved ones who live in the area.  Harris lives near the neighborhood and said, "Right here, I have another classmate, Joseph Redding, and right there Ms. Dot, so I know a few people close by in this little area right here."  

While police are keeping a close eye on the neighborhood they'll need people like Harris to step up and speak up if they see anything.  

"We kind of want to remind the citizens in the area to be on the look out for people that's acting suspicious around vacant homes," Hampton said.  

Bobby Harris wants it to serve as a wake up call for the neighborhood.   "We really need to come together anyway, and we all need to pay attention, and help each other out because that's what we should be doing anyway helping each other, that's what a good neighbor does."  

Sticking together to protect one another's property, could be the glue that the area needs to find unity.   Police don't have any leads at this time but they are hoping that people will start to come forward, so that they can put a stop to the damage that's happening in the area.    

A saw is the only item that was taken from one of the homes, if you have any information about the burglaries, call Thomasville Police.


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