Viewpoint: GBI Support

You hear us mention the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on the news almost nightly. The GBI is an elite team of highly trained investigators who offer assistance to local law enforcement agencies.

They have the training, technology and expertise to solve crimes that otherwise would likely go unsolved. The most recent example of that is in Smithville, where a tenacious GBI agent refused to give up on a six year old unsolved murder. Agents had little to go on when 82-year old A. J. Mosley was stabbed to death in his home in 2008. But agent David Bryan Smith of the Americus GBI office didn't give up.

He worked day and night to solve this case and last week, that hard work and determination paid off. The suspected killer was arrested. Special Agent Smith is just one example of why Georgians are fortunate to have such a top-notch crime-solving team at our disposal.

At a time when the state is whittling away at its public safety budget, we want to offer our support to the GBI.

We ask our state legislators to protect the future of this important agency and provide the funding necessary for the GBI to do its job. It's an investment in the safety of all Georgians.