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Dozens gather to remember MLK


Music, food and fellowship all to honor a man who had a dream that one day we would all respect each other and our differences.  

"He died at 39 where it is almost fifty years later we are celebrating his life, it says a lot about a man who can be remembered this long," said Xernona Clayton, Keynote speaker.  

Xernona Clayton is President and CEO of the Trumpet Awards foundation, she was Monday night's keynote speaker, she knew Dr. King very well.  

"I worked with him, traveled with him, lived with him day to day, traveled with him and his wife, I was his confidant as well as his employee," said Clayton.  

Clayton says King had a special connection to God.  

"Bigger than life, I think the man is endowed by God, because when he died at 39, that was the same age as Jesus," said Clayton.  

Monday night, Clayton spoke about the life that Dr. King lived and how we should all follow in his footsteps, by helping those in need.  

"I want to talk about the fact that we can celebrate and sing happy, but we can do more than that. Dr King went about feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and he didn't care whether they all looked like him or not," said Clayton.  

Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard as well as other local and state leaders attended Monday night's celebration.  She says we must keep the dream alive  

"We have to keep his legacy alive; we have to teach the children, about what his life meant and what he did for this country," Mayor Dorothy Hubbard.  

"You can kill the dreamer, but you cannot kill the dream, the dream is always there," says Robert Clayton, event attendee.  

Now if King were still alive today he would have celebrated his 85th birthday this month.

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