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Cancer survivors host run for 4-year-old battling cancer


It was April 2012 when Dolly Stringer was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. When she started chemotherapy and began losing her hair, she decided to shave her head.

Her husband, to show his support, decided to shave his head as well, but discovered something shocking.

"Bud kept saying I think I'm going to shave my head to, and I tried to talk him out of it, but eventually he did and it revealed a massive melanoma on the top of his head," says Dolly Stringer.

He soon began his treatment. The doctors, who said it was stage three, told him they found it just in time.

"They said probably if it had been another two to three months, the outcome may have been very different. I think Dolly told me that they told her that by Christmas of that year I wouldn't have been with her, or have been very close to the end," says Bud Stringer.

But luckily the couple says God smiled upon them and now they are cancer free. Their survival story has helped raise awareness. They were even featured on the show "The Doctors" .

They say the community supported them, even hosted a run, and now they want to give back to four-year-old Jacob Martin, who is fighting cancer.

"When both of us were diagnosed and Bud was about to start treatment, our friends came together and decided to have a 5K and one mile run, so they called it run for a reason and at that time we said when we got better, we wanted to do that for another family and give back," says Dolly Stringer.

Bud says everyone, runners and walkers should join in.

"Whether you're a runner or walker or someone that stands on the sidelines and cheers, everyone is needed to help fight this battle and hopefully one day we can find a cure not just for melanoma or breast cancer but all cancers," he says.

The run will be Saturday February the 8th and will start at Heritage Church.

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