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Pet Supermarket helping out with canine adoptions


The Albany Humane Society needs your help placing loving dogs and cats in forever homes. Saturday, they held an adoption event at Pet Supermarket.

It's a new year, dogs are looking for a loving home. Managers at Pet Supermarket want to help shelter pets find a permanent place to live.

"I'm an animal lover, I've always been an animal lover, so anything I can do to help them, I try," said Reya Pearson, Pet Supermarket Store Manager.

So Pet Supermarket called in the Albany Humane Society to host an adoption event.

"Pet Supermarket is really big about in store adoptions. We do it with cats all the time, but we don't have dogs in the store, so they want us to invite the Humane Society out, so I contacted Albany," said Pearson.

The Albany Humane Society has more than 40 dogs that are waiting to be adopted. The four- legged canines are just a few that's available.

"Well they like for us to come out and bring dogs and show them off to the community so we can try to boost adoptions. We have so many dogs that are looking for good homes," said Michelle Barnes, with the Albany Humane Society.

The Humane Society says partnering with Pet Supermarket can make all the difference for their animals.

"You know they've got firsthand knowledge of the community because they are open daily and a lot of people don't know about the Humane Society or where we are even located," said Barnes.

Pet Supermarket also collected donations for the Albany Humane Society.

You can contact the Humane Society at 229-888-7387 and 1705 West Oakridge Drive to find out more on adopting a pet.

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