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Firefighters warn of grass fire dangers

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A South Dougherty County man believes a cigarette tossed out of a passing car set his yard on fire Thursday night.

Howard Webb called the fire department to investigate the fire which burned a large portion of his and his neighbor's yard about 6:25 Thursday night.

Webb put it out before it could reach the homes.

Firefighters say despite recent rains,  this week's brisk winds make any spark a real danger of starting a grass fire.

Battalion Chief Keith Ambrose said "With the wind blowing like it's been blowing it don't take long for that grass to dry out. It's already dead. A couple of days of wind blowing like it's been blowing dries it right back out. So it's pretty tender to catch on."

Firefighters say most smokers believe cigarettes will go out when tossed out of a moving car before they hit the ground, but they say that's usually not true. And they urge you to use special care with fires this weekend.


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