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New video of Thomas Co. escaped inmate released


New video now shows how a Thomas County jail inmate escaped. He spent 14 hours on the run Tuesday.

In this video you can see Charles Nix wait until the coast is clear, before heading into the office next to the jail kitchen where he stuffs an employee's cell phone into his sock.

"We found out later that he had some other under garments on, that he had put on, they were still our clothes, but he was suppose to be in all white but he had changed into a white top and blue pants," said Pascal Autrey.

They admit an inmate facing aggravated molestation charges should have never been placed on kitchen detail and his actions lead them to believe he thought his escape through.

"Since his original arrival to jail other charges were adde, so we think in the mix up, kind of a human error you might say, it wasn't caught," said Autrey.

Officials say it was raining that day and instead of just taking out the trash Charles Nix headed north.

Immediately an all out search for the inmate was launched. Daniel Demkowicz was at work when things got underway.

"Police officers pulled up and showed us a mug shot of the gentleman and asked if we've seen him running around anywhere, we told him no and all of sudden we see a lot of police officers across the streets," Daniel Demkowicz.

The Thomas County Sheriff's Office wasted no time covering the area entirely and bringing out the infra-red tracking systems.

"With the amount of agents and officers that we had, we limited his movement he couldn't move free because there was so many of us blanketing the area," said Autrey.

Around 9pm that night the search came to an end as US Marshals chased Charles Nix across the street and the infra-red tracking system picked up his body heat hidden underneath some leaves in a wooded area near Glenwood Drive.

The county used their reverse 911 emergency system to call people and alert them of the escape.

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