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Peanut and farm show has record breaking year


Georgia farmers got a look at some of the latest agriculture technology Thursday.

Farmers and vendors attended the Georgia Peanut and Farm Show in Tifton.

Close to 2,000 people came out the annual event to see the next big things that can help them get their crops producing better than before.

The Georgia Peanut and Farm show was a big deal Thursday as farmers packed the UGA Conference Center in Tifton.

"Were just coming out to check out the new technologies and new equipment that is out in the market," said Hal Stringer, farmer.

And there was plenty of technology and equipment to see. An air injection nozzle was made in Germany and has been around for 19 years ago. Vendors say this tool is necessary for pigweed care.

"Pigweed is a big issue here. And coverage is critical and so because you're spraying from two different angles you're getting better coverage. Because you're spraying a chemical it's important you spray the chemical where you want it," said Ray Kelley, Greenleaf Technologies.

Farmers say the peanut and farm show keeps them up to date. Some were interested to hear from Senator Saxby Chambliss.

"He said they suppose to pass a farm bill pretty soon and we are interested in that. We are also interested in what the new cotton that coming out this year," said Gregg McClellan.\

A 510-G crop duster made its second appearance at the farm show. This piece of equipment can cost up to 900-thousand dollars, but vendors say it gets the job done faster than other products.

"Crops and fields that are sprayed with an airplane, they yield is higher than if they are on the ground with rigs or tractors. There's no compaction of the soil. The chemical droplets are put in the plant better," said Payne Hughes, Thrush Aircraft.

Vendors, exhibitors and farmers agree that every piece of equipment and technology at the farm show helps make their jobs easier.

There were more than 100 vendors at this year's show; organizers say that's a record number.

WALB received this year's media award from the Georgia Peanut Commission.

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