Viewpoint: Early General Assembly Session

The 2014 Georgia General Assembly session kicked off this week. Lawmakers promise a faster than usual session.

Why do they plan to get their business done more quickly?  So they can get back home to campaign and raise money.

You see, Georgia's election calendar is changing. Primaries normally held in July will be held in May.

All members of the legislature are up for re-election, and many of them don't want the session to cut into their campaign time. We're glad they want to work more efficiently this year, we're just not so happy about their motives.

They should always want to get down to business in a hurry and save tax money by completing their 40 in-session days quickly. No sense dragging it out any year.

We hope they'll keep their constituents and our tax money in mind, over their own personal interest, with every decision they make.

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