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Residents demand a paved road

Old Leslie Road. Old Leslie Road.
New York Road. New York Road.
New York Road. New York Road.
Old Leslie Road. Old Leslie Road.

When you drive down New York Road in Lee County, you're driving on a paved road, but when you turn onto Old Leslie Road, the pavement ends.  

"We just want a paved road, it's all about paving the road, we want a paved road," said Paul & Margo Clayton.  

They say their requests have gone unanswered for years.  

"Well we've been fighting for it since 1994, is when we got involved with the fight," said Clayton.  

They say they've collected signatures and showed photos to county leaders, hoping this road would one day look like this one, but nothing has changed, residents the road is dangerous when it rains.  

"Ice and snow, slippery roads, I'm accustomed to that, this road is just as dangerous as a road covered with black ice when it's wet," said Clayton.  

They say, often, school buses can't even make it down the road.  

"We were told by one of the neighbors on Sunday, that sometimes the bus can't come down the road to pick up the children, they just have to take the children to New York Road," said Clayton.  

Paul Clayton and his wife say each time they bring concerns to county leaders, they get the same response.  

"Nothing, nothing and I guess that's frustrating because you don't get a straight answer, you don't get an answer you can understand and live with," said Clayton.  

County commissioner Greg Frich says the county plans to take a comprehensive look at dirt roads.  

"That's right I want a prioritized list of dirt roads that need to be paved in Lee County, and then I want to begin applying funds in a systematic manner to those roads," said Greg Frich, Commissioner.  

The Clayton's hope that change will happen soon.  

"We love Lee County, but we would really love to have a paved road," said Clayton.  

Some of those residents say SPLOST money being spent on the new Westover Extension should be used to pave roads, but county leaders point out that sales tax revenue can only be used on specific projects outlined in the tax referendum approved by voters.

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