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Violent crimes in Moultrie have residents on edge


Some people in Moultrie say they fear for their lives after several violent crimes in their part of the city.  In just the last few days, there has been a murder and numerous reports of gunfire.  Residents are asking officers to step up patrols and keep them safe. 

Flashing lights outside a home on 8th Avenue Southeast last week are one example of a recent increase in crime. 

"The last 25, 30 years have been kind of good.  But the last 5, 6 years has been kind of rough with drugs.  We have a drug neighborhood over this way," said James Merritt, Moultrie Resident.

James Merritt has lived in the neighborhood since the mid 80s.  Now, he and his wife worry about gunshots they often hear.  "About four or five times like boom, boom, boom.  A lot of time I call 911, they'll check it out." 

Last Friday, we showed you footage of police investigating Danny Hill's murder.  He was shot in his home, just down the street from Merritt's house.  Neighbors have reported hearing gunfire every day since.

"I don't really feel safe.  Like last night, somebody came and knocked on our doors and it's just that thought of somebody just got shot or something's going on," said Abigail Martinez, Moultrie Resident.

Many residents declined to speak on camera and asked not to be identified, but everyone agreed recent violence has them on edge.

"I have a little girl and I didn't really know this place so much.  But we're thinking about moving because of all the shooting and all that," Martinez said. 

One man who manages a nearby business says the neighborhood becomes dangerous after 7 o'clock.

"Daytime it's nice and peaceful.  Now when you get into when the sun go down, freaks come out at night," said Robert Nelson. 

Despite ongoing violence, longtime residents don't plan to leave their homes.  "I'd like to see the neighborhood improve.  A lot more...less shooting and less drugs out here.  I'd like to see that, you know," Merritt said. 

And that, residents say, would take the neighborhood back to its quiet roots.  

Residents hope to see a greater police presence around their homes.  Moultrie Police did not respond to multiple requests for an interview about the crime problem in that area.


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