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ASU holds active shooter drill

Albany State University Police Chief John Fields Albany State University Police Chief John Fields

Law enforcement wants you to think and plan, what you would do in an active shooter situation. Albany State University Police are training their faculty and students how to survive.

It seems these active shooter attacks are happening more often, but seem to be most often at schools or colleges.  

Albany State University Junior Shenelle Forde says she does think about recent school shootings across the country. "Actually it does scare me, because so many of the people who do the shooting are students."  

Just yesterday in New Mexico police say a 12 year old opened fire with a shotgun in his school. Albany State University Police Chief John Fields said, "It's already started this year, and every year it just grows and grows and grows."

Could that New Mexico shooting spark more copy cat attacks?  Albany State faculty and staff this morning said they are concerned. Albany State University Programming Compliance Officer Missy Widner said "Shootings, that's happened.  I think it's important for us to know and to be prepared for, if something was to happen here on campus."

To try to prevent such an attack, Albany State University Police have officers at most entrances to the campus, watching the people coming in and out, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

Today and tonight police are holding workshops to teach people how to survive.  They want everyone to plan an escape route in case a shooter attacks.  If you hear gunfire in your hall, don't run outside to investigate.

Fields said "We're going to barricade that door. If that person comes in there, you're looking for something in the classroom to use as a weapon, in order to survive." Albany State Police train twice a month to meet an active shooter.  They want staff and faculty to plan, and ask themselves what would they do-- run, hide, or fight?

Albany State Grad Student Ansley Williams said, "I guess it would depend how much of my back was against the wall.  And who was around me, who did I have to protect.  It just all depends in that situation, in that instance." With more school shootings in the news, Albany State is urging students like Forde to attend workshops and get ready in case of the worst. "I will. I'll definitely go, because I need to protect myself."

Albany State Police say a shooter could attack anywhere at any time, and the best way to survive is to plan, and be ready. Albany State Police will hold their second active shooter workshop tonight starting at 7:00 at the ACAD building.  They urge all students to attend.  It could save lives, maybe yours.     

Albany State University Police are planning to hold more workshops at Albany Technical College for its students next month.


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