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Deal proposes increase in education spending


Governor Nathan Deal proposes a major boost to education funding.  After years of cuts, he proposed a $547 million increase in state education spending during his State of the State address.     

He called it the "largest single year increase in K through 12 spending in seven years."       

Dougherty County school officials hope lawmakers support his proposal.   "Hopefully the people in the legislature know the value of education, and they understand the pain we've gone through, with the series of budget cuts over the last several years, and I think there's across the board support for his increase.  The question is the best place to use the funds," said Ken Dyer DCSS Director of Finance.     

Dyer says their first priority is eliminating furlough days and getting students back in the classroom 180 days a year.  

"The first would be to restore those class days.  That's where the rubber meets the road in the classroom, where the teachers and the students have as much time together as possible to get instruction," said Dyer.

Deal is up for re-election and is facing criticism from Republican and Democratic challengers over education cuts in recent years.


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