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Albany residents talk cell phone etiquette


Chris McDill visits Albany's Wynnsong 16 Movie Theater two or three times a month, and says people using their cell phones inside the theater is a constant problem.

"All the time actually. You see people texting on their phones. Even if the ringer isn't on, they are still texting on their phones, and if someone's sitting next to you texting you got that bright light on your face and people with their phone ringing and answering them," says Albany resident Christ McDill.

McDill and most people agree that texting, or talking on a cell phone, during a movie is distracting.

"I definitely make a point to turn it off, its just rude to be sitting there talking on your cell phone or have it lit up during a movie," says McDill.

Others say it doesn't bother them that much, as long as people dim their screen or talk quietly.

"People live most of their life, especially now that people have smart phones, your email, your twitter, your instagram, it goes directly, I mean people run their lives through their cell phones," says Albany resident Brentic Richardson.

Managers at the Albany theater say as part of their policy, they ask people  to turn off or silence their phones.

Ushers also patrol theaters twice each hour.

But some people think they should do more to stop distractions.

"I'm not sure how they would but it would be definitely a nice thing to have it enforced a little stronger."

Managers say if they see someone texting or talking they'll ask them to stop, or in some cases, ask them to leave if necessary.

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