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Americus car breakins put guns on the street

APD Sgt. Christopher Janovsky APD Sgt. Christopher Janovsky

Americus police are stepping up patrols after thieves stole guns and electronics from dozens of cars over the last two weeks. They say nearly 50 car break-ins may be linked, and they're worried about stolen guns now on the streets.

They stress the thefts could have easily been avoided.  "Just make sure you try to keep the car locked up.  We've been having people breaking into cars and whatnot," said APD Sgt. Christopher Janovsky.    

Police say dozens of car thefts have been reported all over the city, especially in apartment complexes like in South Americus near the university.   

"It appears to be linked just because of the methods.  You know, nobody really breaking any windows, except like I said, we did have a few," said APD Sgt. Anthony Jackson.  

Investigators don't know how many people may be involved. They say the suspect or suspects are taking specific items.   "It seems that they're targeting electronics and weapons and things of that nature," said Jackson.    

But residents who've heard of the break-ins say that's not all crooks are looking for.   "Couple of wallets gettin' stolen," said Devon Jenkins. "Debit cards gettin' stolen.  Cash getting stolen out the vehicle."     

Police say the majority of the crimes happened in unlocked cars. "Windows open and doors open.  So I gotta try to make contact with somebody about this one," said Janovsky.      

But securing the doors could be all it takes to stop the thefts. And hiding your valuables is key.   "This is a prime example of this one here.  There's a laptop down there, cell phone there and tablet there.  There's three high priced electronic items in plain view,"  said Janovsky.  

They also urge car owners not to approach their cars if they hear something unusual.  "If you catch somebody going in your car, don't necessarily try to act on it, 'cause like I said, they are stealing fire arms from your car.  So you don't know if they've already got one in possession," said Jackson.    

He says practice common sense and remember to lock your doors.  Officers say five guns have been taken over the last few days. They want gun owners to write down serial numbers so they can track stolen weapons.           

Anyone who hears anything unusual or has information that could help investigators is asked to call the Americus Police Department.


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