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Pit bull ordinance passes first reading, will be revisited

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Mayor Dorothy Hubbard was hopeful the commission would approve a much debated pit bull ordinance, which could have become law Monday night.

"We came hoping that we could get unanimous consent to go on because see the people who are at risk or who might have an issue or who might be afraid still have a problem," said Mayor Dorothy Hubbard.

But it was not unanimous, falling short by one vote.  When it was time to take a vote at tonight's meeting Commissioner Roger Marietta voted against the ordinance, he says he has his reasons.

"Well the ordinance that's written is going to require a huge expenditure to the average pit bull owner and you know I think it's only fair to them to give them something that's reasonable," said Roger Marietta, Commissioner.

Commissioner Marietta says the current proposal that was passed by city leaders tonight would require home owners to have a six foot fence, with a pen that has a roof and a top, and that pen can't be within 25 feet of the back property line.  The proposal would also require pit bull owners to have $100,000 liability insurance.

Commissioners Marietta's alternative?

"I think a five foot fence would be adequate, I think the fence in the backyard shouldn't have to be 25 feet away from the property line, and I think 50,000 liability insurance is adequate," said Marietta.

Mayor Hubbard has seen images of individuals who were attacked by pit bulls and wants the commission to reach a unanimous decision quickly.

"We had seen some pictures, we didn't keep passing them out, but they were gross pictures of people who have been hurt by pit bulls," said Mayor Hubbard.

The City Commission will revisit the ordinance at the next meeting in February.

City leaders say statistical data and recent attacks in our area warrant new rules.

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