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Career Learning Center helps students reach future goals


Students will get some additional help now that the College and Career Performance Learning Center is open.  

The center is designed to keep Dougherty County students on track to graduate and then attend college.

Sixty students are enrolled in the new College and Career Performance Learning Center this year.

They say it's demanding, but they appreciate the support from teachers.

Niesha Whitlock will attend her first day of classes at Albany Technical College this week. She's still in high school, but is enrolled in a new school called the College and Career Performance Learning Center.

"I'm also thrilled because I've always wanted to take Criminal Justice classes," says senior Niesha Whitlock.

She admits it's challenging, but thinks of it as an adventure.

"I get to meet new people and try new things and having people just to help me move on to the next step and get to where I'm trying to be, It's a really good experience," she says.

The career learning center was put into to place to help students who are behind in school get back on track, plus get them ready for college. Sixty students are enrolled, but teachers say they hope to expand.

"We are going to increase our enrollment from 60 to 120, or 150 depending on the space depending on availability but right now we can accommodate 60 and we are at capacity at this time," says Academic Coordinator Gloria Baker.

Kadarius Winbush, who plans to become a barber, says it can help students who are behind.

"Anyone thats behind in school and want to get back on track, try to get into this program and it will get you college ready," says student Kadarius Winbush.

Officials at Albany Tech say even though it's a challenge, lots of students are interested in doing dual enrollment programs.

"When they hear about dual enrollment or excel or joint enrollment and their parents get more information about it, not only because they can do college and be ahead of their peers but because it's a real cost savings," Lisandra DeJesus, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Albany Technical College.

Many students quality for the hope grant, which is funded by the state lottery money.

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