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Helicopter trauma transport could come to South GA

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Southwest Georgians in need of emergency care may soon have access to life-saving treatment through the air.

Monday, Dougherty County Commissioners were presented with Governor Nathan Deal's proposal for a Life Flight operation in Camilla.

The plan would combine law enforcement duties and emergency medical services from a single hangar, covering 14 counties in a centralized position.

 Planners say the closest trauma care is hours away, often only accessible by ambulance.  But they hope an over $10 Million commitment from the state will supply services they say aren't readily available.

"When you've got a large distance to cover and you're doing that in a vehicle, it takes a long time to get there.  And in a trauma care circumstance, every minute counts," said Col. Mark McDonough, Georgia Department of Public Safety Commissioner.

The plan will require the surrounding counties to build an estimated $800,000 hangar capable of housing emergency staff and offices. 

Counties will also be required to provide five flight nurses.

Col. McDonough said the plan is in its infancy, and likely won't become a reality for another year and a half.


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