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Albany man in jail for reported criminal activity


Patricia Ward is happy the man she says was causing so many problems in her neighborhood is off the streets.

"I am absolutely elated because the terror of this man and all the riff raff and all the street walkers. You know what follows with that," said Patricia Ward.

Ward says in December, her car was damaged on West Lincoln Avenue. She says Malone was threatening her life after she called the police on him several times. It was then Ward looked to the city of Albany for answers.

"After having going out there and knocking on those doors and making things happen for myself. Two weeks later he's gone," said Patricia Ward.

Demarkco Malone was brought before a judge about a week ago.

"He pleads guilty and he's been sentenced and will be going to prison," said Greg Edwards.

Malone will served 23 years for probation violation, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and other felonies.

"23 years will give him time to sit and having serving 5 of those years for certain; will give him time think about it. To break out windows of a middle age disable woman's car. You see what he gained from it. Time to sit and think," said Patricia Ward.

District Attorney Greg Edwards says Malone did the right thing by speaking out about the crimes going on in her neighborhood.

"Well were glad that she was a concerned citizen and because we encourage concerned citizens to help law enforcement at every opportunity and this is a good example of that coming to fruition," said Greg Edwards.

"I want other people to know you don't have to sit back in fear," said Patricia Ward.

Ward thanked the city manager, and the Albany Police Department for their efforts. Ward says she is trying to start a neighborhood crime watch for the residents on her street. 

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