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Tifton man arrested for shoplifting at Walmart

Surveillance video Surveillance video

Jason Boshart was arrested in the Walmart parking lot off Highway 82 in Tifton Thursday afternoon a little before 3 PM initially for shoplifting.  

"Some hats, some DVD's, a phone, and I think some clothing," said Sgt. Dorminey McCrae.  

Jason Boshart was not going down without a fight.  

"A short scuffle happened during that time of the encounter and she requested back up I was right around the corner, I arrived on scene," said McCrae.  

If you take a look at the video that captured the scuffle, Tifton Police officer Joyce Clark approached Boshart after Walmart employees said he stole items from the store.  A few seconds later, Boshart runs to his car and gets in, you can see him pulling out of the parking space, and that's when backup shows up.  

"I seen a Black SUV back out of the parking space abruptly and with Officer Joyce running at the vehicle"  

Sgt Dorminey Mccrae' said his training in tense situations kicked in.  

"I drove my car in front of the SUV as he was backing up, he turned back into a parking spot nearly hitting a couple of vehicles behind him," said McCrae.  

In the video you can see Boshart putting the car in reverse, he eventually parks the car in a parking spot, moments later officers Mccrae and Clark finally take him down and arrest him.

"He's charged with possession of cocaine which is a felony, also two counts of obstruction of an officer with force, which are both felonies and also misdemeanor shoplifting," said McCrae.

Jason Boshart has been arrested before in the past for shoplifting. The drug charge was filed because officers say they found powder cocaine in a small bag in Boshart's back pocket as they searched him.

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