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Darton Interim President: 'We will fix it'

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Darton State College Interim President says he has brought on new staff to deal with the major financial and record keeping shortcomings revealed after a state audit of the school.

"We will fix it, that's the bottom line," said Interim President Dr. Paul Jones.

Among the new staff he has added is a new assistant for his office. Dr. Jones said he is assembling task forces to help facilitate meeting the needs of the Board of Regents laid out in six key areas.

Jones says he will fix the problems, and make sure the college is good stewards of their money.

"That's the thing that we have been discussing with our campus community since the day I arrived," said Dr. Jones. "Transparency is vital as we move forward as an institution."

The state Board of Regents audit found that Darton may have awarded nearly 900 thousand dollars in federal financial aid to students that were not eligible.

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