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Cold weather leads to Insurance Claims

Sam Shugart Sam Shugart

Before this week's arctic blast hit, we warned you to protect your pipes to prevent them from bursting. Now that everything has thawed, the problems are not nearly as bad as anticipated.

"I think that most of our insurers or even the general public were proactive. I understand that both Home Depot and Lowes were completely sold out of pipe insulation which means that home owners were proactive in purchasing insulation to protect their property," said Sam Shugart, BBA-Risk Management & Insurance.

Shugart said he was surprised by the low number of claims that were filed, but there was one claim with major damage.

"We actually had a client who was in Miami on a business convention and he had a neighbor just go check on his house and it turns out some pipes burst in the attic and it flooded his house."

The problems started yesterday once frozen pipes started thawing.

"You don't know that the pipe is busted right away because the ice is blocking the water from leaking essentially so about 1:30PM 2:00PM yesterday we started getting the calls, the pipes start thawing and the water is actually allowed to escape," said Sam.

And here's something important to remember.  If you do not take the proper action to protect your property, and your insurance company can prove it, your claim could be denied.

"A lot of people have the attitude that I have insurance so I shouldn't worry about it, but the truth is if you don't protect your property the carriers can actually deny claims," said Sam Shugarts.

Just because you didn't have damage this time, that doesn't mean you won't during the next Hard Freeze, so Shugart says it's a good time to make sure your home is protected.


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