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Detective and author talks blood, guts in new book "No Place for Race"

Author Rodney Demery Author Rodney Demery

Rodney Demery is a homicide detective and former military man. He says it's not a race issue that too many black men are dying in the streets, or that 94 percent of black men killed die at the hands of other black men.

The police officer and author says black and white leaders need to do more to solve problems affecting African Americans.

In his book "No Place for Race," he points out that He says lack of education, racial profiling, and failed drug policies are partly to blame.

Demery says since nobody wants to see young people die, community, government and media leaders need to work harder to address the root of crime problems.

"We don't get to that point because we divide and we start talking about, 'did he kill him because he was black' or the police officer 'killing black kids.' When we drop that and realize that we're all citizens, we're all in the same city, same country, and actually try to solve the problem, we can get a lot done," said Demery.

Demery is also the author of "Things My Daughters Need to Know."

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