Viewpoint: Shelters Stepping Up During The Cold Snap

When temperatures dropped to dangerously low levels this week, most of us probably just put an extra blanket on the bed or an extra layer of clothing on before going outside.  But some people in south Georgia don't have that luxury.

South Georgia shelters stepped in to offer lifesaving services to those folks who don't have homes or don't have heat.

In Albany, the Salvation Army Shelter and the Albany Rescue Mission help those folks every day of the year, but they stepped it up during the cold snap.  They didn't turn anyone in need away, letting people sleep on the floors when the beds were full.

We especially want to highlight the rescue mission which just celebrated its 25th anniversary.  They serve 9 thousand meals a month and house dozens of people every night.  And they do it all without any government support or national fundraising effort.

If you didn't worry about where you would find a warm place to sleep this week, we encourage you to help those who did.  Take a blanket or a coat or a check to the Rescue Mission or the Salvation Army or the shelter in your community.  It could help save a life.

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