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Rangers issue warning after hunting death


Following a tragic hunting death of a duck hunter, Georgia Department of Natural Resources officials remind you that being careful during activities is especially important during extreme cold weather.

Georgia DNR rangers say Tuesday's duck hunting tragedy shows why state law mandates all boaters have a floatation device readily accessible.

With the water temperature so cold that ice is still on boat ramps, rangers say it's best to have your life jacket on before you cast off.

"The water is cold. You only have a matter of minutes right now before hypothermia starts to set in," said Ranger First Class Randy James "So that's important to get a life jacket on as quick as possible."

Rangers say don't be mistaken, with deer hunting and duck hunting season in their final weeks, lots of hunters are in the woods and on the water hunting, because of the extreme cold.

"With the cold weather, it's got the animals moving more," said James. So they are out moving, and the people are going to be out there hunting.

Rangers recommend everyone hunting or hiking to wear an orange vest or jacket, so that other hunters will be able to spot you easily, and recognize you are not wildlife. Rangers believe most outdoorsmen know how to handle the cold temperatures.

"Most of the hunters, since they are avid outdoorsmen, they anticipate the weather," said James. They know because they are out there in it."

But because of the extreme cold, they urge people use special caution around water, and urge boaters wear life jackets at all times.

Deer hunting season in Georgia's southern zone continues through January 15th.  Duck hunting season goes through January 26th.


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