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Junk in your Trunk- Are you Prepared?

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What are you going to do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk, that is. Experts say it could make a life-saving difference on the road.

It's not every day South Georgians have to worry about dangerous cold weather, but this week it was on everyone's mind.

"Actually kinda keep a jacket in here more so now since it is cold, but I will probably start keeping blankets and stuff and may be have some hand warmers, mittens and stuff," said Lee County resident Mikelya Gilyard.

Others say they are prepared for the worst.

"But I've got a little blanket that we carry in here just for emergencies," said resident Ted Horton.

He doesn't stop there; Horton also has a safety box.

"It's got jumper cables tools and things like that in it so those are things we have in the car just in case there is an emergency," said Horton.

Quincy Davis says he watches the news every morning to make sure he is properly prepared for his day.

"I've got my jack, I've got my jumper cables, water all the essentials you need," explained Davis.

State Farm agent Tim Thomas has some other helpful hints on what to have in your trunk.

"[Have] a good working flashlight. Just keep that in the glove compartment in case you are stranded at night. And in the cold weather [it] may be a good idea to throw a blanket in the car, but most people today have a cell phone so I'd keep your cell phone charged," said State Farm agent Tim Thomas.

Experts say it is a good idea always to be prepared for an emergency no matter how cold the temperatures are.

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