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Freezing temperatures aren't stopping workers at Harveys

Vann Calhoun Vann Calhoun

This deep freeze may be a bit unusual for South Georgia, but these Harvey workers who are in charge of moving boxes of food off this eighteen wheeler still have a job to do.  

"My job is basically to come in and help assistant management as stock team leader an all daily activities," said Vann Calhoun, stocker.  

Vann Calhoun is a stocker at Harvey's on the corner of Slappey Boulevard and Gordon Avenue, he hauls box after box of food from this truck inside the store, so shoppers can find what they need.  

"Just your normal grocery store items, juice, canned goods, baking necessities," said Calhoun.  

Typically when Vann and the rest of his crew are unloading this truck the temperatures are a bit more comfortable.  

"The weather itself is something I'm not use to working in I'm used to working in doors, but you just got to do your job," said Calhoun.  

Once the crew finishes unloading, they aren't quite done yet, they still have to load all of these boxes onto the truck.  

"It really is not hard, come here, put on what you need to put on, actually if you work it makes you warmer than anything," said Will Banks, stocker.  

Because this crew is so proficient, getting their work done quickly is simple for them.  

"Pretty quickly most days we are able to get the truck done pretty fast, unless there is something wrong with the occasional pallets," said Calhoun.  

At the end of the day, despite cold weather, Vann and his co workers say they love what they do.  

"Knowing that I could come to my job and be able to stock the store appropriately, it feels good to know that I can do that and people can still come in and get items they need," said Calhoun.  

Tuesday's and Friday's are unloading days for the stockers, they hope the weather will heat up a bit before Friday.

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