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Brutal beating sparks tighter school security


Seminole County schools have new security measures that were put in place after the brutal beating of a teacher inside the elementary school.

On Monday a judge imposed a stiff sentence on the attacker.

The video shows Neotha Fedd grabbing a custodian's broom and beating Dr. Louise Royal. The teacher suffered serious injuries that still prevent her from working. She wants to make sure this never happens again in Seminole County schools.

"I think it's very important that we keep our school safe," said the victim.

Dr. Royal was monitoring the halls in May 2012 and stopped Fedd to ask her why she was wandering the halls. Within seconds, Fedd pushed Royal down and began to kick her. Later she dragged her through the hallways. Royal hopes the ordeal will make schools safer.

"I think that they need to have locked doors and we need to screen our people that come in closely, I think we've got a lot to learn from this incident," said Royal.

The superintendent has made it his mission to make sure once teachers and children walk through the doors of the school there is no doubt that they will be safe.

"Student and staff safety is the most important and paramount element that we have in schools, normally it would be to educate students but in this day and age, student and staff safety is very important to us," said superintendent Monroe Bonner.

Superintendent Bonner and the school board made changes following the attack.

"Due to the incident we now how a resource officer that patrols each campus," said Bonner.

Those patrols started this year in direct response to the shocking attack.

"Obviously a very savage and brutal attack on one of our school family, a teacher here," said Bonner.

He says he will continue to assess security measures to make sure students and teachers are safe at school.

Neotha fedd must serve 20 years in prison and 15 on probation.

She was also fined $10,000 and banished from the Pataula Judicial circuit and all school activities in Georgia.

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