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Doctors warn frostbite can happen in South Georgia


Doctors don't see many cases of frostbite in South Georgia, but it will be cold enough Monday night and Tuesday to get frostbite if you're not careful.

If you're outside for long periods, you should make sure your hands and feet are properly covered. Depending on your health and age, doctors say frostbite can take effect as soon as a couple of hours, especially if your shoes or gloves are wet.

"Then you lose the feeling in those hands or those toes and you don't realize the ongoing tissue damage and they show up with hands and toes that are, some of them with frostbite," says Dr. James Black, Phoebe's Emergency Department Medical Director.

He says if your hands are feet are exposed to cold and wet weather, its important to get somewhere warm, remove the wet clothing, and come to the emergency room.

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