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Smoking ban vote for schools in Georgia

College campuses complete smoking ban vote College campuses complete smoking ban vote
vote on college campus smoking ban vote on college campus smoking ban

Georgia's university system is considering a complete ban on tobacco products on all public college campuses in the state. The Board of Regents is scheduled to discuss the proposed tobacco ban at its meeting Wednesday in Atlanta.

 Student opinions vary on a complete ban.

The tobacco ban would prohibit faculty, students, staff and even spectators at sporting events from smoking, and using e-cigarettes in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Darton State student Quamesha Jones says "It should be banned period. No smoking no drugs period on campus."

Darton State College was one of the first universities to become tobacco free. The Dean of Institutional Advancement says the school is very proud of that. Tracy Goode says "We support what the University system of Georgia will ultimately determine this week in their meetings."

The tobacco ban could also include off campus events such as fundraiser's, dances and other extra curricular events.

Vicha Smith is a mother and says "Around the kids I feel like the smoking should be banned and also you have people with asthma, bronchitis things of that nature."

Most of the students we spoke to agree with a non smoking policy but some are against an all out ban. Steven Colby is a student and says, "Especially for the live in students there should be some place we can go to relax and smoke. At least to have something ya know like a little place on the edge of the campus that people can go and have a cigarette get out of the way calm down."

When the parents of these students were young, people could buy cigarettes and smoke pretty much anywhere - even in hospitals. And studies conclude once addicted, nicotine is a hard habit to break.

Goode says "We know that change sometimes effects different people differently we know that it is for the betterment of the University system, students, faculty and staff." If the tobacco ban is passed by the Board of Regents, it would affect all 31 campuses in the University System of Georgia.

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